Why do we use doormats?

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Products

Why do we have door mats?

Up to 85% of dirt and moisture coming into a home can be prevented using a door mat

This reduces the amount of cleaning needed and protects the floors

The door mat traps the dirt and moisture and retains it until it is washed or replaced.  Many of the home mats now can go through the washing machine, making keeping the home clean even easier.

Mats can be made of different materials and sometimes a combination may work better e.g using a coir or rubber mat first to remove the debris followed by a microfibre or cotton mat to absorb the moisture and small amounts of dirt.

Many mats are rubber backed but it is possible to get rug holders to keep it in place if needed.

To clean a mat, it can either be taken outside and shaken/beaten or put in the washing machine depending on the material.