Why We stand out

Our Story

In 2010, we set out to create a company that prioritizes a balance between work and personal life, allowing our employees to work in comfortable environments, make a positive impact, and still have time for their family commitments. This family-oriented philosophy has been a core value of our company from the beginning, and we continue to offer flexibility and support to our staff to ensure they never have to miss important moments with their children.

As a result of this focus, we grew rapidly in the first 9 years, becoming the largest cleaning company in Sale and expanding to the entire North West region, largely thanks to positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Our emphasis on quality and training has resulted in our cleaning staff being considered among the best in the industry. We have been recognized with multiple awards for our staff’s achievements and continue to invest heavily in training.

When asked what sets Helpful Home apart, the answer is simple: we deliver on our promises. We consistently provide great quality services with a friendly attitude, and it is this consistency that allows us to stand out in the industry. Our hiring process is rigorous, and we place a strong emphasis on customer service skills in addition to cleaning abilities. All of our cleaners must undergo extensive training and a practical assessment with our dedicated training manager before they are allowed to work in our clients’ homes.

The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on our business as we were forced to close for 9 months due to lockdowns and the closure of schools. Although our staff benefited from furlough payments, many of our customers were unable to wait that long for our services and sought out other cleaning companies. However, since then, we have seen a surge in demand, with nearly all of our customers returning to us, and we have been operating with an extensive waiting list. We are now getting back to a more stable rhythm, and we are excited to begin offering our cleaning services to new customers, in addition to continuing to serve our existing ones in the future.

At Helpful Home, we apply commercial-grade training and standards to our domestic cleaning services. Recently, we’ve seen an increase in demand for our services to clean commercial buildings, offices, and schools. To meet this demand, we have a dedicated team that specializes in these types of projects. We typically schedule a minimum of 2 hours per evening for these projects, and we commit the same level of attention and care to these buildings as we do to homes. We also provide any necessary documentation and risk assessments for these types of projects as per the client requirement.