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Celebrity Cleaners

The modern family doesn’t seem to have many cleaning icons to aspire to from the TV.  I very much doubt any of us look at Kim woodburn and think I want to be like her rather than Kim Kardashian.  On Big brother cleaning appears to be a point of conflict from those that do it constantly portrayed as dull and boring while those that never do it being cast as slobs and dirty and creating the inevitable arguments.

The rantings of a mum at Christmas

The rantings of a busy mum at Christmas I have attended every nativity and carol concert getting more and more stressed with my phone buzzing in my pocket and still politely clapping.  I have done the teacher collection and braved the Trafford Centre to buy vouchers. ...

Cleaning your toothbush heads

Cleaning Toothbush heads. Have you ever disinfected a toothbrush head?  I hadn’t but I do know they can be very unhygienic.  There are plenty of chemicals used for disinfection but not many I fancy putting in my mouth.  Then I came across mouthwash, it is antiseptic...