Eco Friendly Cleaning at Helpful Home

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Helpful Home News, Uncategorized

At Helpful Home Cleaning, we are committed to being eco-friendly and minimising our environmental impact. While we have been dedicated to these practices, we realised that sharing our efforts with our valued customers is equally important. Transparency is critical, so here’s a glimpse into what we are doing to uphold our eco-friendly values:

  1. Environmentally-Friendly Products: We carefully select cleaning products that are not only effective but also eco-friendly. Our products are concentrated, requiring less packaging and reducing transportation emissions. By opting for environmentally-conscious options, we strive to minimise our carbon footprint.
  2. Bottle Refills: We have implemented a bottle refill system to reduce waste further. Instead of disposing empty product bottles, we refill them with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This not only cuts down on packaging waste but also encourages the reuse of containers, contributing to a circular economy.
  3. Localised Cleaning Approach: We have adopted a localised cleaning approach to minimise our travelling distance. Our team organises cleaning tasks to allow us to stay within one area per day. We aim to decrease fuel consumption and associated carbon emissions by reducing travel time and distance.
  4. Cloth Reuse: We are committed to reducing waste by washing and reusing our cleaning cloths. Rather than relying on single-use disposable wipes, we utilise reusable cloths that are laundered thoroughly after each use. This practice not only helps to minimise waste but also maintains cleanliness and hygiene standards.
  5. Tool Disinfection and Reuse: In line with our eco-friendly practices, we disinfect and reuse the tools we employ for cleaning. By implementing proper sterilisation and hygiene protocols, we ensure that our equipment is safe, well-maintained, and can be reused, reducing unnecessary waste.

We go above and beyond at Helpful Home Cleaning to minimise environmental impact. Adopting these eco-friendly practices contributes to a healthier planet for future generations. Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our operations, allowing us to provide exceptional cleaning services while minimising our carbon footprint.