Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of questions we are often asked
Do you use different cloths for the bathroom?
Yes – we use a colour coded cloth system so your toilet, bathroom, kitchen and general dusting will all be done with different cloths which go into our dirty bag and are taken away.
Do you offer a guarantee?

We are proud of the level of service we offer here at Helpful Home, but if you are not completely satisfied, we will come back and reclean any areas that you are not thrilled with.  

For an end-of-tenancy clean, we can offer a deposit return guarantee. If the property deposit is being withheld due to any aspect of cleaning, we will return and reclean to ensure you get your deposit. This is particularly beneficial to anyone who has not remained in the area.


Do you have insurance?
Helpful Home is fully insured. Many companies and individual cleaners, unfortunately do not carry liability insurance. Hiring a company that is fully insured adds slightly to the cost, but the insurance coverage protects you and your belongings.
Will you hold my keys?
This is completely up to you. If we do hold your keys they are kept in a secure location and signed in and out when removed. The cleaners will only have access to your keys on the day of the clean and they are kept separate to your address and personal details.
How do I pay for my cleaner?

We offer the option to pay by Direct Debit or cash.  Direct Debit is the safest way to pay and comes with the direct debit guarantee.  You will be invoiced by email directly after your clean and money will leave your account 3-5 day later.

Can I trust the cleaners that come to my house?
This is critical. We fully vet and supervise our cleaners but for your peace of mind it is the company that would take responsibility should anything ever occur.
My last cleaner never stayed for the right amount of time, will you?
This is a common issue for customers paying for any time-based service. All of our staff carry phones with trackers on so we can always check where they are for safety reasons but they also post a card after every clean which will include arrival and leaving times so you will always know.
Do I get the same cleaner?

Did you know that the number 1 reason for getting rid of your cleaners across the UK is that they are not reliable?

All our cleaners are employed so are entitled to holiday and sick pay.  On top of that, many work in this industry because they love the flexibility that it gives them to work around family and other commitments.  They can attend sports days, doctor’s appointments, nativity plays and other life events

On average, if we only provided one cleaner, you would miss 20-30% of your cleans, and we are aware that the reason you use us is to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Your cleaners will always work in pairs but we will need to train 2 pairs on your house to ensure you get that consistency and we deliver your high-quality regular service

Do you have references?

Any company that is proud of the work that it does should have no trouble offering a complete list of references to any potential customer. Helpful Home is no different, just take a look at our testimonials page, google or our facebook page.

Am I signed into a contract?

We always work within a contract so both parties are protected but we are so confident that you will love our services that we offer a one week rolling contract that you can cancel at any point.

We offer a cheaper contract with a fixed 4-week notice period for customers who are organised and never need to move cleans


I have pets is that a problem?
We are happy to work around most pets although if they are less than keen on us we may suggest a visit to a friend on cleaning day. If you have a pet we will discuss adaptions such as doors left open or shut or favourite sleeping places at the quote stage. Please note that we will not clean litter trays, cages, tanks or food bowls.
What if I need to cancel the clean?

  If you need to rearrange, we will always do our best to offer an alternative date. You can also cancel temporarily while building work is going on or you are on holiday. On the flexible contract, we have a 25% cancellation fee if you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Last-minute cancellations impact our planning and take spaces that could otherwise have been filled costing us money.  To reward customers who give plenty of notice and rarely change cleans we offer a fixed 4-week notice period contract at a cheaper hourly rate

During Covid times, we have waived all late cancellation fees to ensure there is no penalty for safe practice.


What happens if a cleaner is injured in my home?
All our cleaners are fully insured against any injury sustained at work. If you have hired an unlicensed cleaner and he/she is injured in your home, you are potentially liable for any medical expenses or damages.
Other companies are cheaper, why choose you?

The home cleaning industry is entirely unregulated. We choose to get external trainers in and follow best practices. We choose to give our staff fair contracts, rights, holidays, and decent pay. We invest in the best equipment. Unfortunately, not every company does, and you may not find out until something goes wrong.

Where does the money go when you pay £12 per hour?

Travel 2 miles 45p per mile each way £1.80 (or one bus ticket)

Products inc vacuum contribution and cost of cleaning cloths etc £1.45

Holiday 12% £1.44

Accountant/insurance/admin costs £250 per year £0.32 (16 hrs per week 48 weeks)

Unexpected expenses from customers not paying bills, free quotes or overrunning work by 10 mins £2 (an overlooked but massive cost)

Take home £4.99

This is less than minimum wage with no job security, no pension contributions and a physically tough job.  Would you work for this?

Our minimum price of £27.50 + VAT for a weekly clean allows a fair wage to be paid, training to be provided, and all the guarantees of a larger company.