Local Cleaner – carpet cleaner in Sale and Altrincham

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Other News

House cleaning never ends and one of the tasks that seems to crop up every year is carpet cleaning. Children spill food, walkways seem to be a different shade and pets bring all sorts of dirt and dust into a home. Finding a good local cleaner can be challenging enough but trying to find a good local cleaner for your carpets is just as challenging. Many of our customers have used Altrincham Cleaning Services and they come highly recommended.

What can you expect from Altrincham Cleaning Services

The carpet cleaning industry is one of the few industries that is not regulated, and also has a very low barrier to entry in that anyone can call themselves a “professional” without any formal or recognised training. Yet we allow these people to come into your home and use chemicals and equipment which can be dangerous if you do not have the proper knowledge of how to use them, and more importantly do not have the right equipment (not a hired shampooer) to remove them properly.

Everyone has heard nightmare stories about crimes committed, about overuse or improper use of chemicals, and exposés on Bait-and-Switch companies who use a low coupon offers to get their foot in the door and hard sell unsuspecting consumers into a bill they are compelled to pay. When initially choosing a carpet cleaner it is almost impossible to tell who the great cleaners are, or the ones you would never EVER want to use. The “great” cleaners work hard to distinguish themselves apart from the fly-by-night companies who use unsafe cleaning practices, hard-sell tactics, and sometimes have very unsavoury employees.

Your carpets and rugs act as “filters” in your home for your indoor air. Their fibres are able to hold onto particulates and contaminants and hold them. But like any filter, it needs to be cleaned because when it gets full it cannot grab anything else … and every time you step on a “full” filter you release contaminants back into the air.

Cleaning your carpet is key to a healthy indoor environment, and the EPA’s guidelines for cleaning very from every four months to every eighteen depending on the number of people and pets in the home, as well as other concerns from allergic sensitivities to how dusty the air is in your neighbourhood to whether anyone in the home smokes. A true carpet cleaning professional can evaluate your particular needs, and with the right equipment and cleaning solutions, can fulfil those needs for you and your family.