What is it like being a professional cleaner?

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Helpful Home News

What is it like being a Professional Cleaner?

I started a home cleaning service after I struggled to find professional home cleaners near me.  I had tried various cleaning lady services and other local cleaners but couldn’t find a reliable cleaner.  I had the vision to deliver a cleaning service that not only delivered a professional service but also made the well-trained cleaners working for Helpful Home proud of their profession.

We looked at what people wanted from house cleaners near me and it seemed to be reliability, trustworthiness and ease of use.  They wanted a consistent service and the same professional cleaner each time.

Professional cleaners wanted regular work and pay with reliable hours around their family commitments.  They liked working in teams and social environments but also wanted to feel proud and appreciated.

Choosing to be a professional cleaner can be hard because of perceived social pressures but I have rarely felt anything other that appreciation from home owners and interest from friends.  We work hard to deliver training, training and more training as well as individual feedback and plenty of recognition for a good job.

People were searching to find a local cleaner that would be stress free and one of those was the ability to change bookings easily and pay online.  We make this as easy as possible by allowing you to email us to change a cleaning slot and all payment can be done by direct debit so comes out 3-5 days after you are invoiced.

I love being a professional cleaning, we work in beautiful local homes with great people and get the feeling of satisfaction form doing a great job multiple times a day.

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