What is it like to be a cleaner for Helpful Home?

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Helpful Home News

I often hear statements such as ‘Anyone can clean’ ‘It isn’t that hard’ or ‘I have a bit of OCD’

Training – Firstly, anyone can clean but doing it well requires, practise and training and is very different to just doing your own home.  Some people will naturally have more of an eye for detail and others will prefer deeper cleaning while others prefer tidying or other aspects.  We give a really structured training programme to ensure that everyone has the best knowledge and latest techniques.

Balance – One of the hardest parts of cleaning any home is balancing the level of detail against time.  For example, a two bedroom house may take 2 hours to get to a high acceptable standard but 6 hours to get perfect.  If it is your own home this can be very stressful trying to manage your time and energy against expectations.

No stress – House cleaning can be time pressured and physically demanding but not stressful mentally which is lovely when we have such hectic family lives to destress and have time to think is a relief.

Support – there is a big focus on teamwork and being part of a team so even though you work in a pair there is a big support network behind you.  More importantly there is social nights and sporting events to join in with.

Family focus – We work the school hours to give the best possible work life balance.

Stability – You have regular work and set days (no weekends or evenings) so you can plan and enjoy your time away from work.