Hayfever – How to reduce the symptoms

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Top Tips for Hayfever Sufferers

Spring is a wonderful time of the year as everything brightens up around but it can cause so much suffering if have Hayfever.  Runny nose, itchy streaming eyes, dry throat and sneezing can be among the symptoms experienced by sufferers.  If you are suffering from these symptoms it may become difficult to sleep properly or concentrate.  As house cleaning experts Helpful Home can explain more about the pollens and give some tips on reducing the symptoms.

What Type of Pollen

About 10 million people in the UK suffer from Hayfever although the exact number is unknown because it often goes unreported.  95% of Hayfever sufferers are triggered by grass pollen which can start from mid-May till the end of July.  If you are finding that you are suffering before mid-May then you are likely to be allergic to Tree pollen which can start from March.

Top tips on reducing suffering

Keep and eye on the pollen count – met office pollen forecast.  Stay inside on the worst days

If you must go outside keep the car windows shut and wear wraparound sunglasses

Keep windows at home shut on a high pollen count day

Damp dust the house to reduce allergens, we use a damp microfibre cloth.

Do not sweep, Vacuum instead using a Hepa filter vacuum to stop pollen particles escaping back into the air.

Remove items that trap dust e.g. stuffed animals, dried flowers and curtains.

Have a shower and wash your hair before bed to stop pollen getting onto the bedding.

Wash clothes that have been outdoors to stop pollen spreading indoors.

Do not dry washed clothes outside – pollen may get trapped in the fibres

Put Vaseline on the inside of your nose to prevent pollen entering your nasal passages.