Helpful Home was contacted by an ex customer to request assistance with her children’s eczema.  Since stopping their services a few weeks ago the customers has noticed that both her children’s skin conditions have become noticeably worse.  She thinks it may be related to the cleaning products that she is now using and wanted advice on which products Helpful Home use?

Which Eco friendly products do Helpful Home use?

The simple answer is that they use Diversey eco friendly range of commercial chemicals.  As a responsible employer Helpful Home is very aware of the impact of cleaning products on their staff because cleaners are exposed to chemicals far more than any customers.  While Helpful Home’s choice of Diversey pur eco product range are not as harsh as some others, any effective cleaning product will strip natural protective oils from skin.  Helpful Home always have a large range of protective colour coded gloves available for cleaners to use

In this situation the customer’s children will not directly be using any product so the method of cleaning will have a far larger impact on their skin than whichever chemical is being used.  Below is a break down of rooms and how Helpful Home reduce chemical exposure for their customers.


While cleaning a kitchen the product should be sprayed directly onto the cloth rather than the surface, this stops product wastage and leakage.  By spraying onto a surface from a distance most of the chemical will leak into the air and surrounding areas which may or may not be removed during cleaning.  Having the product on the cloth will also reduce the impact of harsh chemicals on delicate surfaces such as oiled wooden worksurfaces. 


Spraying your cleaning chemical onto surfaces in the bathroom and leaving it for some time to break down residue and disinfect is the most effective way of using any product.  The chemical can them be rinsed/wiped off all surfaces and dried thoroughly to remove any residue using plenty of microfibre cloths.  This method will clean and disinfect the area while leaving virtually zero chemical residue to irritate skin.


The bedrooms / living area often contain more delicate surfaces or woods and do not have the same risks as kitchen and bathroom so need treating differently.  In these areas damp/dry dusting with microfibre cloths and no chemicals should be enough.  If you wish to disinfect handles/light switches use an antibacterial spray/wipe and then wipe clean afterwards.

Using these methods require on average 25 – 40 cloths per house and most cleaning companies do not have the washing facilities to maintain this.  The initial investment of hundreds of pounds in cloths required to do this with fresh cloths in multiple house per day also prevents smaller cleaning companies using this method.

If you would like to find out more about Helpful Home and our cleaning methods please visit us at or call 0161 973 8217.