Dear all,

With the increasingly quick progression coronavirus is making through the UK, I wanted to share with you an update from Helpful Home. We have tried our utmost to continue business as usual, albeit with extra precautions surrounding PPE and cross contamination. To date we have had no cases of coronavirus within the team, however we have seen several confirmed cases within our customer base. Since the beginning of this pandemic, our business response has been solely determined based on the health risk posed to our customers and our employees. I’m afraid that with the ever increasing numbers of those affected, and the likelihood of customers being at home with their families in the future weeks, I can no longer say with 100% certainty that our staff and customers are safe.

For these reasons, we have reluctantly decided to shut the business down. I feel deeply upset to be letting you down, especially those of you who are front line workers and continue to put yourselves at risk to keep us safe and healthy. However, I have to consider that staying open may actually be the less responsible action in the current climate. I want to assure all of our customers that every employee within the Helpful Home team will continue to be employed and supported by the company. The government has confirmed several schemes that will support small businesses and their employees during this time and, after reviewing the initial details of these schemes, I am relatively confident the business can be ready to pick up and start again on the other side of this turbulent time. While I can’t give any indication as to when we can reopen, I will aim to review the current situation on a weekly basis and keep you all informed.

Thank you all again for the kind wishes and support you’ve given for the business and our staff. Good luck and stay safe.

Kind regards,

Gareth Trehearn
Helpful Home Ltd