Cleaning your toothbush heads

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Toothbush heads.

Have you ever disinfected a toothbrush head?  I hadn’t but I do know they can be very unhygienic.  There are plenty of chemicals used for disinfection but not many I fancy putting in my mouth.  Then I came across mouthwash, it is antiseptic and disinfects if left long enough.  Since it already tastes like toothpaste this is a brilliant solution.  Leave your toothbrush heads in a cup of mouthwash for 20 minutes and you have got rid of those nasty winter viruses and whatever other bugs are lurking on the heads.

Other uses for mouthwash

While researching this article I also found a wealth of other uses for mouthwash that I thought I would share

Use as hand sanitiser – make sure it is sugar free to avoid stickiness

Use to sanitise minor cuts and scrapes

Use as a deodorant (I understand this prevents bacteria but minty deodorant??)

DIY mosquito repellent – (not sure about this)

Refresh your feet after a long day –  Give yourself a refreshing foot soak by mixing a cup of mouthwash into a bucket of water and you will get soften skin and get rid of the bacteria.

Use it to look after your new piercings

Odour remover – it can even get the smell of garlic off your hands (although they would then be minty?)

Get super fresh laundry

Make cut flowers last longer – mix a tablespoon with 4 pints of water and it kills that bacteria that speed up decomposition so makes them last longer.