Did you spend hours on Saturday cleaning your own house?  Is cleaning one of the reasons that you look forward to the weekend?

We love cleaning

We love it so much that we do it all week, but weekends are our time for rest.  If you want to spend your free time with your children, doing a hobby or just with your feet up then getting some help with your cleaning would allow that freedom.

Customer feedback

Customers claim that they enjoy only having to do minor touch ups when they are expecting guests. Helpful Home regularly clean the kitchen cupboard fronts, skirting boards, cobwebs and glass shower screen. This means that only minor adjustments are needed to get their homes looking freshly cleaned again at any point during the week.

The task that customers feedback that they like least is folding and putting away laundry. Even worse than doing the laundry is that a whole spare room or sofa seems to be dedicated to holding those clothes waiting to be put away. This area of clean clothes then gets rummaged through by other members of the family needing an emergency item and it becomes a cycle of wearing whatever is on top. Helpful Home can come and work with you to defeat that pile in the first instance but then going forward we will complete all the regular cleaning and free you up (or instruct others) to tackle that laundry pile.

What to do once you have cleaners

We are constantly surprised at the varied range of interests our customers enjoy at the weekend which varies from theatre to mud runs, travel and family visits but most mention dance competitions, footballs games and kids parties. Very few ever express that they sat at home or wished they did more cleaning so if this describes your busy lifestyle please get in contact.

Sale and Altrincham is full of families where both partners work so enjoying family time is becoming even more precious.

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