How using a cleaning lady service saved our marriage

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Cleaning Stories

This is a story about how using a cleaning lady service – a professional cleaning service saved our marriage and stopped us judging the other person based on their cleanliness standards

I loved my boyfriend (now husband). He was kind, funny, loving and was basically my best friend. We rarely argued and generally had a great relationship… until we lived together. He didn’t have any particularly bad habits and all went smoothly for the first few months.

Four months on though and the house really started to look bad. I loved him though, so didn’t mind that he was a bit untidy (lets face it I was too!). I started tidying and cleaning the bathroom maybe once a month, and the vacuum was occasionally being used. It only took a couple more weeks and I cracked. I couldn’t live like this and together we blitzed the house and it looked great. I felt fantastic that we were on the same page, or so I thought… A month later I, alone, had cleaned the bathroom multiple times and began to feel a bit resentful that he was not doing his part, so a gentle request turned into a full scale row and resulted in him splashing some bleach down the toilet and me, left to clean the rest.

Ever tried a house cleaning rota? Don’t bother. We have written countless lists and never once managed the first couple of days. Following the now almost daily rows I kicked him out, or he left… I don’t remember. I had thought about a using professional house cleaners or a cleaning lady service but we were fresh out of uni and it seemed a little extravagant.

The end result was I had split up with my boyfriend over his inability to see/tackle/care about dirt, and my perception of him was as lazy, dirty and uncaring. I’m hoping that I’ve conveyed just how serious a position we’d found ourselves in, due to the housework! One afternoon, through the tears and frustration of cleaning again, a moment of clear thinking helped me realise that the simple step of hiring a cleaner could not only help me save my relationship, but also my sanity! When we spoke, I demanded that he help pay for a domestic cleaner near me and he reluctantly agreed for his half.

Peace descended and we returned to our happy, stress-free relationship. Did the cleaning lady service ever miss bits? Probably, but she knew how to use the vacuum, and magically the bathroom was never dusty again. So for the next couple of years we were happy in our domestic bliss…

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