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What is the best way to mop your floor??

The first stage of mopping is a dry mop/broom/vacuum (not covered in this blog post) to pick up loose contamination such as dirt or food.

The second stage is the wet mop, this seems to cause so much confusion and with so many different options I will cover a few.

Traditional string mop – String or rags used on a pole with a bucket of water

Pro – good for hard scrubbing or textured floors

Con – Heavy, lots of surplus water, difficult to clean

Microfibre mop – Most commonly used in houses they provide a versatile solution, drying time can be restrictive

pro – designed to remove particles, good for textured floors e.g. slate

Con – lots of surplus water, often rip on textured floors, hard to remove dirty water from floor, not suitable on certain woods/laminate

Steam mop – An excellent solution for smaller areas or if you are not pushed on time and have suitable flooring

Pro – No scrubbing, lightweight to use, great for a small patch, easy to clean head, dries very quickly

Con – Restricted by cord length, can be time consuming, can damage certain woods

Flat microfibre mop – These are used in nearly all professional environments due to their efficiency and versatility and are now commonly used in domestic situations

Pro – easy to clean, covers large areas quickly, can vary the dampness, can be used to collect any particles missed by sweeping

Con – struggles on textured floors,

Disposable floor wipes – These are like strong wet wipes either used on a mop head or by hand and provide the best clean possible.

Pro – excellent cleaning, will remove every piece of dirt, very easy to replace.

Con – Environmentally unfriendly, very time consuming, very bad on textured floor, very expensive, require good physical mobility to be wiping areas by hand.


Hope this helps you select a mop that is right for you but for more information please call Helpful Home on 0161 973 8217 and Louise or Gareth will happily chat about mopping solutions