Toilet Brushes – Traditional or disposable

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Cleaning Tips

Toilet brushes – Traditional or disposable?

They get a bad reputation for harbouring germs but there is little doubt that if used and cleaned correctly they are wonderful.

How to clean your toilet brush

1 – After you have cleaned the toilet, add some bleach down the pan and leave the brush to stand in it

2 – Flush the toilet to flush clean water over the brush

3 – Fill the brush container with hot soapy water then empty the dirty water into the toilet

4 – Replace the brush regularly


Disposable toilet brushes were created and took the cleaning world by storm a few years ago and theoretically I love the idea.  Unfortunately, there are a few real world problems.

1 – Nobody ever has the replaceable heads in stock so there is rarely a toilet brush available when you need one

2 – If there is a stubborn stain (lets blame the kids) they really are not built or angled to really get scrubbing hard.

3 – Disposable anything is never great for the environment, but they can also block up certain toilet plumbing.